The 6 Best Indoor Plants for Low Light

If you are interested in adding some color and life into your living space but don’t have amazing natural light, you are in luck! There are tons of low light, easy to care for plants that will refresh and revive any indoor space. If you’re anything like me, you will start with one or two indoor plants and slowly become addicted – I mean if I am going to water one, why not water a few more?!

The Benefits of Having Houseplants

Having a variety of houseplants in your space is like bringing some of the best parts of being outside, right into your home. Not only do plants liven up a space aesthetically, but they improve the air quality and even can help boost your mood. Caring for your plants can help to reduce stress and promotes mindfulness. Here are some plant options to choose from to help you pick the right plant for you and your environment, so that you too can experience the benefits of having plants in your home.

#1-The “Swiss Cheese Plant” or Monstera Adansonii

The “Swiss Cheese Plant” or Monstera is a really great option because it is super unique looking and easy to take care of. Its nickname comes from the large soft green heart shaped leaves that have holes in them, resembling swiss cheese. In it’s natural environment this plant thrives under the tall trees of the jungle. So inside, its ideal lighting is bright indirect light, or partial shade. If direct sunlight hits any of those beautifully delicate leaves, it will be too intense and burn them. If direct sun is unavoidable, try to give the plant moderate light by using a sheer curtain over the window, like this one here– or moving the plant after about two to three hours of sun in the mornings. One option to make moving your plants easy in a scenario like this, would be to get a plant stand with wheels. Here is a link to a cute modern one. The ease of propagation is another reason why this plant is worth getting, you can easily propagate cuttings to create new plants in your home or and share the successes of your green thumb with family and friends.

Shop the Swiss Cheese / Monstera plant here.

#2-The Snake Plant

The hearty Snake Plant is a must for anyone looking for a seriously low maintenance plant to add some greenery to a space. These spikey green plants come in a variety of species and vary in color, size, and texture. This plant can handle low light conditions and will thrive in bright indirect light, similarly to the Monstera Adansonii. After you give this plant a thorough water, you will want to leave it alone until the soil is completely dry before watering again. If the tips of the leaves on your snake plants are turning brown, you could be overwatering!

Shop the Snake Plant here.

#3-Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo plant is a one of a kind cutie and can do well in low light conditions. These plants are tall and cylindrical with tiny leaves at the top and can actually grow in water too! Once you buy a plant that is already growing in water, just make sure that the roots of the plant are covered with water at all times and that’s it! It’s super easy to grow these plants with a moderate amount of sun or indirect sunlight.

Shop Lucky Bamboo here.

# 4-English Ivy

English Ivy is great for a shelf or countertop where the vines can hang or be laid on full display. These plants are beautiful, and don’t require much care as they don’t like to be over-watered. You will want to wait until the top inch or so of soil is dry before you water again. Another way to display English Ivy is to get a hanging planter. These are great in a window that doesn’t get direct sun or only gets later afternoon sun.

Shop English Ivy here.

#5-Aspidistra elatior, The Cast-Iron-Plant

The Cast-Iron Plant is nearly indestructible plants and will be around for years with proper care! It can grow two to three feet tall with individual dark green leaves. The iron plant thrives on neglect and can be placed in any room with low light to bright indirect light; anything is okay here except for direct sun. After a thorough watering, the iron plant likes to dry out in between watering’s.

Shop the Cast Iron Plant here.

#6- Peace Lilies

With enough light, Peace Lilies produce white to off-white flowers, and can grow to around 16 inches in height. You will want to water Peace Lilies regularly and keep the soil moist, but be careful not to overwater. The same goes with fertilizing peace lilies, be careful not to overdo it! But they still thrive in low, indirect sunlight.

Shop Peace Lilies here.

The Best Soil for Indoor Potted Plants

The best soil for your house plants is going to be one that is well draining and full of great nutrients. You can use a fertilizer too, just make sure that it is designed for houseplants. Try to pay attention to how much water you are giving your plants so you can see what is working for them. This is one of my favorite soils to use. If you want to get really precise with how much water you are using, you can use a watering can with measurements on it like this. 

Give Indoor Plants a Try Soon

Bring a touch of color and add some Zen to your environment by bringing low maintenance plants into your home. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are an inexpensive way to clean the air you breathe and bring some life and vibrancy to any room. Let us know if you try any of these indoor plants!

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