DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe

Looking for a gentle way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin? Sugar scrubs are the answer! Sugar scrubs are less abrasive than salt scrubs, but are still effective in removing the layer of dead skin. Then the carrier oil in the scrub will work to moisturize and hydrate. Using a sugar scrub will give your skin a radiant glow and make you feel silky smooth!

The best part about sugar scrubs? They’re super easy to make at home and a lot less expensive than ready to go products from the shelf! You can make the perfect custom sugar scrub by changing out the type of sugar, oil and fragrance and viola! You have a personalized skincare product!

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What’s in a Sugar Scrub?

Sugar scrubs basically only contain three simple components:

1- Sugar for exfoliating,

2-Oil for moisturizing,

3- An aromatic for aromatherapy and fragrance.

Sugar scrubs are made up of: sugar, oil and aromatics.
The 3 components of a DIY sugar scrub

Adding together these three simple ingredients can give you infinite possible sugar scrub types. Depending on what type of sugar,oil and aromatic you can play around and make sugar scrubs to check the boxes of your personal skincare needs.

Different Types of Sugars for Sugar Scrubs

The type of sugar you use will determine your exfoliating power. The coarser the sugar the more exfoliating you will get. A finer sugar will results in a softer and gentler scrub. If you want a super deep scrub I recommend using a coarser sugar! However if you have sensitive skin, or want to use the scrub more frequently consider using a softer sugar.

Raw Sugar: the coarsest sugar available. This makes a great sugar scrub to achieve super soft legs and arms. Here is a great raw sugar to use in skincare products.

White Sugar: or cane sugar. This is the same as table sugar. This would be great for an all-over body scrub as it is middle of the road coarse. It should be gentle enough to use on your whole body. Here is a great type for beauty products.

Brown Sugar: the softest sugar. Brown sugar will make a very soft scrub, it should be gentle enough for your face or bikini area! Here is a great brown sugar for use in cosmetics.

Different Types of Oils for Sugar Scrubs

There are a plethora of carrier oils out there that have benefits for your skincare. You can use whatever type of oil you prefer. Here are a few that are commonly used in sugar scrubs and the main benefits of each oil.

Coconut Oil: Useful if you are looking for an anti-inflammatory (hello razor burn!) or a deeply hydrating oil. Coconut oil has antioxidant properties as well, which means it can help protect your skin from harmful free-radicals and toxins. Here is our favorite coconut oil.

Jojoba Oil: Amazing to help soften your skin. Big date night coming up? Use a jojoba oil sugar scrub for maximum silky-smooth legs! (You’re welcome!) Our favorite jojoba oil here.

Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil seems to be one of those amazing all-natural beauty essentials. It has countless benefits for your skin, but the most notable in terms of using in a sugar scrub is it’s ability to brighten and tone skin. Perfect for showing of your glowing tan in the summer, and give your skin a little more glow in those dull winter months. To learn more about rosehip oil, check out our blog post here.

Chia Seed Oil: Help boost your skin’s suppleness with chia seed oil. Rich in omega-3’s chia seed oil will help your skin to create fresh, new skin cells. Leaving your skin rich and supple. Our favorite chia seed oil here.

Aromatics for Sugar Scrubs

Lavender: The aroma of lavender is well-known for it’s calming properties. Lavender is known to help relax the senses and make you fall and stay asleep more peacefully.

Amber: Has analgesic properties– meaning it works wonder on sore muscles. A natural pain reliefamber essential oil can be amazing after a long hard run or leg day for a nice relaxing massage.

Orange: Has been described to have calming properties. Orange essential oil is a good option after a long stressful day. Add a few drop of orange essential oil when you need a little help taming anxious feelings.

Sandalwood: Has properties to combat depression. Add some sandalwood oil to your sugar scrub if you need a deep self-care day.

General Recipe for Sugar Scrub

  • 1/4 cup carrier oil
  • 1/2 cup of your desired sugar
  • 10 drops desired essential oil

    Combine all ingredients. Store in an air tight jar. That’s it! It’s that easy!

    Enjoy šŸ™‚

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