Home Organization Made Pretty- Basket Edition

Marie Kondo ‘Till the Cows Come Home

There is something about January that bums me out. The sobering guilt I feel when I realize I have been shoveling cookies by the dozens into my mouth for all of December? Could be. The bitter temps that prevent me from getting any Vitamin D? Probably. The realization that I haven’t left my house in 17 days and counting and I have CABIN FEVER? YES, DEFINATLEY.

So what’s a girl to do? Put down the cookies and start my living room yoga back up. Use a happy lamp to pretend like I have seen sunlight this year. And Marie Kondo ‘Till the Cows Come Home.

Today’s Spotlight: Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

Aside from being an amazing catchall, decluttering ninja- baskets are a great way to add a bit of style and depth to your home decor space. Luckily the big box manufacturers have heard our cry and started creating some super amazing and charming baskets to fit any home’s style.

Check out my top 4 favorite baskets- categorized by style!

1-The Chic Nautical Look

This cotton rope basket is the perfect piece for your beachy, bohemian dream space. The navy blue and ivory combo contrast beautifully. The faux leather handles add a touch of elegance and style.

Perfect for storing towels in the guest bathroom, using as a laundry hamper in the bedroom or a catchall in the living room (the perfect place to hide your clutter in a snap when company is coming!)

Shop this basket on amazon for your chic, coastal home.

2- The Modern Boho

This beautiful tall water hyacinth wicker basket is just what your personal affects need! The circular handles add an element of design that looks lovely in any modern setting. The neutral tone of the wicker means that it essentially can be placed in any room and look sharp! (Meaning it can be re-used even if you change your decor style!)

We love using this basket in the sitting room for those extra fluffy blankets that are so great for snuggling up in!

Check it out here on Amazon.

3-The Farmhouse Minimalist

This large wire basket is just what your pantry or open shelf style needs! Perfect for organizing all the winter gear in that front hall closet, or tidying up the pantry! These baskets are available in the dark grey or a rustic nickel finish.

Shop the basket here on Amazon.

4-The Calming Scandinavian

What’s not to love about this tall, cylindrical rope basket? The natural rope color paired with the clean bright white is a scandi dream! Whether you are trying to create a more hygge vibe in your space, or calm a busy room- this basket is for you!

We love this in a child’s room for a toy bin alternative. Also works wonderfully in the front entryway as a home for a tall and vibrant Palm Plant or small tree. And of course, the classic look by the hearth stuffed with thick knit blankets and overstuffed pillows.

Shop this hygge gem on Amazon here.

Spot the Trend and Jump on the Stylish Organization Train

None of these baskets calling to your heart? No problem!- Amazon has an insane variety (obviously). Check out baskets of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials here.

Good luck creating your calm space.

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