Hey Princess- Egyptian Cotton is Out, Bamboo is IN

Bamboo Sheets > Egyptian Cotton

My Previous Love for Egyptian Cotton

For the past few years I have been hearing about how so many folks are switching over to bamboo bed sheets. I’m going to be honest- I had my reservations. I have always been an Egyptian Cotton 800+ thread count type of girl. I’m not sure why? Maybe I just envisioned myself as some sort of Cleopatra-like princess sleeping at night surrounded by my collection of emeralds and gold coins. Snuggled into Egyptian Cotton euphoria.

But, as it turns out- I am actually a 30-something wife and mom, surrounded by unfolded laundry and a snoring husband, so perhaps it was time to adjust my outlook on bedding. Yes the days of Egyptian princess life were gone. So what the heck- why not try some new sheets this time around.

Market Research- aka Ask Our Guy

The time had come. Our old cotton sheets were no longer what they once were. It was time to buy new. So we did what any sane consumer would do! We asked our guy.

You know who I mean. Maybe it’s your retired uncle who has a subscription to Consumer’s Digest. Or your brother-in-law who just seems to know everything about anything. In our case our guy was- Mike. The best man at our wedding. The guy who researchers every purchase for hours. The guy who reads amazon reviews, cross references different websites and then makes a pro and con chart. Mike.

So we asked Mike. And he of course had a recommendation. Not the cheapest, but the best. Pure Bamboo Sheets. These ones.

Bamboo Sheets FTW! (Benefits and Features)

After sleeping on this lovely miracle bedding for a month now. I can say with full confidence: Bamboo sheets are in, Egyptian cotton out! Auf wiedersehen!

The best way I can describe these sheets is like your favorite blanket that you have has a while. The one that is sooo uber soft because it is so well-used and worn in. Except these sheets are brand new. I have never actually laid in butter, but I imagine this would be the closest thing to “butter soft.”

These bamboo sheets are woven from 100% organic bamboo. Meaning they are safe from any harmful components and environmentally friendly. They are not blended with any other fabrics or fibers so the quality is amaz-ing and, as a result they are hypoallergenic.

This all-in-one bedding set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases. Meaning you don’t have to shop for anything else. Featuring double stitching, these puppies were built to last! The best part? They get softer with each wash. Yep that’s right. Just throw these miracles into the wash on cold and viola! Softer sheets emerge.

Bamboo sheets are also well known for their cooling properties. The fibers are so breathable, that your body heat doesn’t stay trapped like cotton. Leaving your sheets feeling cool to the touch and preventing night sweating. Now THAT’S something we can all get down with.

And finally, a quick note about thread count. You can’t use the same standards for bamboo as you do cotton. The fibers are completely different. So, when you see bamboo sheets with a 300 thread count you might be turned off because you are used to cotton. I would compare these bamboo sheets to the same luxury level as a 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton set.

Summary of Pure Bamboo Sheet Set

Although I am not an Egyptian princess anymore, I think it’s safe to say this fairytale does still have a happy ending. Cool and breathable sheets for my sweaty husband. Uber soft and cozy for me. And safe, so I don’t worry about our little guy snuggling up with us. Yes, it’s safe to say that we are big bamboo guys now.

Pro-Tip for all of the Sleep Princesses

A secret lil pro-tip for you sleep angels out there. I use this Black Chamomile & Bergamot pillow mist spray before bed every night, It helps calm down my mind and body and enhances bedtime snuggles!

What do you think? Are you ready to make the switch from cotton to bamboo? What do you like, dislike about either?

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