The Best Night Time Self Care Routine

A great way to unwind for the day is to have a solid night time routine focused on self care. Taking 15 minutes every evening to take care of yourself and calm down your mind is extremely beneficial. You will fall asleep faster and get better sleep if you are relaxed and after unwinding, which will go a long way for your over all health. Here is our 4-step nightly nightly routine that will leave you feeling calm and restful for bedtime.

1-Drink a cup of herbal tea and meditate/ reflect.

Start your night time routine by making yourself a warm cup of decaf herbal tea. There are so many wonderful blends available. Choose a flavor that calms you. We love have a cup of lavender chamomile blend or a green tea to help relax and calm the nerves. While enjoying your warm cup of tea, take a minute to reflect on the day’s events. Have a stressful one? An uncomfortable conversation? Take a minute to accept the day’s events and move forward. We often dwell on the past because we don’t take the time to reflect and move on.

Next, try to find gratitude in something that happened today. This should be easy! Did you wake up in a safe and warm place? Spend time with a loved one? Take a minute to appreciate the small day-to-day life victories. If you journal this is a nice time to dedicate to writing an entry.

Lastly- take a moment to think about the next day’s events. Is there something that is causing you to be anxious or stressful? Take some time to think of how you will react in these situations. Mentally prepare yourself so that you stay calm and grounded. Remember- you will be ok!

2-Spend a Proper Amount of Time on Your Dental Care

Too often we rush through our night time teeth cleaning because we just want to get in bed. Break this habit. Thoroughly floss, brush and rinse with mouthwash. Having the discipline to spend a few extra minutes every night on your teeth will pay off both mentally and physically. Taking care of your body is a very important part of self care and should not be overlooked in your nightly routine.

3-Develop a Skin and Hair Routine

Gently remove all makeup and cleanse your skin. Be sure to be gentle and not scrub too much. We tend to be too aggressive with our skin and need to remember handle it with care. Gently massage your face with a jade roller or even with your hands to help reduce any puffiness and remove any impurities and toxins. Next, moisturize your skin with your a serum or moisturizer that is meant for your skin type.

Gently brush out your hair to remove any product or build up. Brushing your hair out each night will help to prevent grease and oil building up at your roots. To learn how to train your here check out our blog article here. Apply any dry shampoo or hair treatments.

4- Kiss Your Loved Ones, Spray Your Essential Oils and Put Your Phone Away

If you live with a significant other and make sure you tell them how much you love them and give them a kiss and a snuggle. Remember, time is not guaranteed in life, so take every opportunity to enjoy the special people you love.

We also LOVE using a night time essential oil, or pillow mist to help train your brain and body to calm down. Using the same spray every night will signal your brain to unwind and relax. One spritz of the gentle aroma will help to encourage sleep and quiet the mind. (Make sure your sleeping partner always likes the scent you choose!)

Lastly and most importantly- put your phone away. Staring at the screen on your phone will greatly affect your sleep. It prevents you from entering REM cycle sleep. Staring at the bright lights on your phone will also keep your brain firing and engaged longer. Making it harder to fall asleep. So get in the habit of not taking it to bed.

Most importantly- Try to Unwind However you Need To

Whether you adapt our self care routine, or build your own the effect is the same. Make sure you are going to bed each night feeling peaceful and calm. It will help you get better sleep and be in a better headspace. What are your favorite night time self care tips?

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