Prevent Stretch Marks

Please…Can We Prevent Stretch Marks?

So I am going through my first pregnancy and am scared to death of getting stretch marks. I know that I am prone to them, because when I went through puberty and my hips and thighs filled in, I got the dreaded marks all over my inner thighs.

I have hated them my whole life, and now as a 31 year old woman, I do not want to add anymore!

I understand that to a point they will be unavoidable. The average woman gains upwards of 50 pounds when she is full term, so it would only make sense that stretch marks are going to happen. Butttttt…if we could just help to prevent or at the very least minimize them, that would be great!

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So here are the top tips that I have learned from my research of asking moms, nurses and dermatologists on stretchmark prevention. I am currently implementing all of these tips in my daily regimen and so far- so good! I am 18 weeks pregnant and my boobs and belly have been growing rapidly!

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links to products that I love in this article. I will recieve a small compensation at no cost to you if your purchase the item.

1- Use Shea Butter Constantly

Shea Butter has proven time and time again to be extremly helpful in preventing sttretch marks. It has an extremely high concentration of fatty acids that will keep your skin hydrated and feeling supple and soft.

Shea Butter will help your skin retain moisture keeping it hydrated. It also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, which will help in stretch mark prevention as your skin is pulled tighter and tighter across your growing body.

I have been using a Shea Butter formulated especially for mom’s by Burt’s Bee’s called Mama Bee Butter. I love it beacuse it’s super rich and made with natural ingredients. Seeing as I am rubbing into my skin directly where my baby is growing (twice a day) I feel pretty good using Burt’s Bees brand. It also has vitamin-E in the formula already which is stretch marks worst enemy.

2- Apply a Vitamin E Oil- Often

Vitamin E oil is the absolute best thing to use daily to prevent stretch marks and scarring in general. It is a strong and natural antioxidant which means that helps to prevent damage such as scarring and stretch marks from happening.

Vitamin E helps to nourish the skin as well and has anti-inflammatory properties like shea butter does. I have found the best priced Vitamin E oil to also be a Burt’s Bees product. I take about a quarter size dollop of the Mama Bee Butter and then add 5-6 drops of the Lemon and Vitamin E oil. It contains lemon essential oil which helps to promote a strong immune system and ease stress. I lather my breasts and belly after my shower in the morning and before bed as my night time regimen!

3- Hydrate All Day, Everyday

The largest component of skin cells is water. Meaning you need to be drinking as much water and hydrating fluids as possible. Aside from aiding in literally every other reaction that your body is going through- it will help your body to creat enew skin cells for your growing body and help prevent and ease the development of stretch marks!

Treat yourself to a cute new Yeti Tumbler in your favorite color (say no to plastic!) and strive to drink 3-4 of these babies a day. Bonus if you can drink even more! This is 30 ounces and should do the job of keeping you hydrated (and peeing every 15 minutes)!

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4- Take the Time to PREVENT Stretch Marks

I know we all have enough products to try and incorporate into our daily beauty regimens. But all of my research kept saying the same thing. The best way to get rid of stretch marks is to PREVENT THEM.

It’s way harder to try and hide or get rid of strech marks and scarring after the fact. So spend the little time and money now and do yourself the favor of preventing stretch marks from happening! Your post-mom body will thank-you!

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