Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair: Does it work?

I love purple toned hair. But I am a brunette and bleaching my hair is something I am not willing to do! I found an amazing purple coloring shampoo that directly dyes your hair and keeps it healthy and shiny!

I love purple toned brunette hair

If you’re anything like me, then you love the look of all the violet tones and dark purple hair.  I always think of a sexy super-hero when I see women with dark purple hair and I wanted in! The purple colors are so beautiful and rich looking and when done properly they can still be worn in a professional setting.

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The best shampoo for purple hair

I am brunette so adding color pops can be tricky because my hair is so dark and I don’t have any interest in bleaching my hair. So it seemed to me like getting on the violet hair train was something I needed to do and wanted to figure out how I could make it work on my dark hair.

Instead of destroying my hair with bleach and lighteners, I choose to color it with dark brown dye and incorporate violet and dark purple tones. (I dye my hair to cover up grays) The result is a beautiful deep color that has a violet hue to it.

Sick of my dark purple hair fading out quickly

I love the complexity of my hair right after I get it dyed because it has so many dimensions with the dark purple mixed in. The only problem? It costs a lot of money to have these custom brown-dark purple hair colors mixed up and they seemed to fade out way too quickly. I needed a way to maintain the rich and vibrant color I wanted without going to my hairdresser every two weeks.

Purple color wash shampoo

That’s when I discovered that doing a color wash with purple shampoo on dry hair will not only maintain your violet and dark purple hair, it will add even bolder tones! I love this stuff- it works like a charm and I can do it at home.

The BEST Purple Wash Shampoo

The purple shampoo on dry hair technique is also great for adding purple directly to your hair instead of adding purple tones to your normal hair dye. And depending on if I need to have more or less purple (aka if I’m going on a job interview) I can tone down or up the vibrancy of the color by just not using it, or applying it for a longer window.

Benefits of using purple wash shampoo

Purple shampoo on dry hair is a super cheap way to get a gorgeous violet tint to your locks without professional coloring. The brand I use called Vital has enough for 5-10 applications (depending on your hair length) and it works so well.

I love that you can do it at home by yourself and it lasts for about a week in between uses. It also work very well to maintain color if you have a shade that has purple tones to it. If you apply it to your hair as normal shampoo it’s will help your hair hold onto the vibrant purple tone so you have that look of fresh deep color that you normally only have directly after the salon.

Interested in maintaining your color longer? Try training your hair to produce less oil so that you can wash it less! This technique really works for making your color last longer!

How to use purple color shampoo on wet hair

Okay- so you can actually use this product two different ways. If you want to maintain your color or just add a subtle bump of dark purple to you your hair, then I recommend using this in the shower on wet hair. When applying to wet hair, use it as a shampoo.

Massage into your roots and build up a lather and work through the length of your hair just like normal shampoo.(It will add a dye of purple to your fingers so if you have nicely manicured nails I would wear gloves to protect your nail polish.) Let the color sit in your hair the entire length of your shower. You can even get out of the shower and let it sit in your hair for 20 minutes up to an hour. The longer you leave it in your hair, the more vibrant the color will be.

Viola! A subtle but pretty violet tone from using the color wash on WET hair.

Rinse the color wash out of your hair and scalp using cool water. Make sure to condition your hair really well after because it does tend to dry your hair.

Style, and enjoy the beautiful purple shade! You can do this as frequently as you would like to maintain the purple tone. Since I have to maintain a bit more of a professional look I will do this once or twice a week to keep the violet tone, but not get too crazy with how long I leave the purple on so I don’t get too deep of a purple color. Link to the best purple wash shampoo on Amazon here.

How to use purple shampoo on dry hair.

The second way to use the purple color wash is on dry hair. To do this make sure your hair is brushed out really well and doesn’t have any tangles. Directly apply the purple shampoo on dry hair and comb through using a wide tooth comb. This will help to keep the color even throughout your hair. Make sure to get your hair totally covered from your roots to your tips to achieve an even tone. Pull your hair into a loose bun on top of your head while the color sets to prevent staining anything with your hair.

Let the color set in your hair for 15-60 minutes depending on how intense of a dark purple you want. My hairdresser said she will vacuum and do chores while it sets in her hair for up to an hour (her hair is always VIBRANT purple after) and then rinses it out.

The Viral purple shampoo on dry hair can make your color really vibrant

After your desired time of incubation, jump in the shower and rinse all the product out of your scalp and hair. Make sure to rinse out with cold water to maintain as much color and prevent your hair from getting dried out. Follow with a deep good conditioning. Style your hair as normal and enjoy! If you didn’t achieve the color you wanted after one use, you can repeat for several days until you do get the violet shade you desire!

The best purple shampoo.

I have been a huge fan of Celeb Luxury Viral Color Wash in Deep Purple. It’s the best color enriching shampoo I have used and it’s not too expensive. (About $35 on Amazon and it will last you several months) I also like that this product is 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Free of Sulfates, Parabens, Ammonia and Peroxide. My hairdresser is the one that got me into this particular product and she only supports products that are going to help your hair look it’s absolute best.

I would say the next step you need to take after using this product is training your hair to last a day or two between washes. This way you won’t be constantly removing the color and it should last even longer.

Want more beauty tips? Check out my posts about everything from skin care to make-up.

Have you used the Viral purple shampoo? What do you think of the purple hair craze?

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