Change Font Color WordPress

How to Change Font Color in WordPress

Hi all, just a quick post today for all of the blogging beginners like myself out there! As I am learning to use WordPress and get the most out of it, I like to share the small little accomplishments that I make! I figured it’s like when they say if you had this question, someone else probably did too.

So if there is someone else out there, that has no idea how to code with CSS but is trying to customize their WordPress blog this will help them (hopefully).

The Problem: My text is gray and I want it black

Some themes will let you pick your own font colors, but some- like the one I use (Illustratr) do not. But worry not! You can still change it!

 So I wanted to change font color of my body text on my WordPress site. Specifically I wanted to change my font color to black, but that doesn’t matter. This post can show you how to change it to any color of the rainbow! I personally pay the 8 bucks a month for premium because it just seemed worth it to me, I know you can’t customize the free WordPress, so if you want to you’re going to have to upgrade your site. I know you can do basic customization if you are using blogger and personal plans- so I am assuming you can do this, but I do not know for sure. If you want to upgrade your site to premium like myself click here.

How to change your font color on WordPress

Alright, as I was saying- you are reading this post because you want to change your font color on your wordpress site. So here are the step-by-step directions with screen grabs for visual guidance. *Note this post is from May 22, 2019 so this is the current layout of WordPress.


Step One:

 Open up to your WordPress menu.


Step Two:

On the left hand side menu- click  on the Design tab.


Step Three:

When you click on the design tab, Customize will drop down. Click to open the customizer menu.


Step Four:

After you are in the customizer menu, click on the CSS tab.


Step Five:

Copy and paste EXACTLY the following into your CSS box:

/* Text color to black hc-12607850*/

body, button, input, select, textarea {

                color: #000000;




(If you already have any CSS code from a previous customization: simply put this code below in a new line below)


NOTE: THIS CODE IS FOR BLACK FONT! You can choose any color font by finding the code for the color here.

Replace the color code you want, for the color code for black (which is 000000) in the CSS code above.


Step Six:

Hit Publish.


Step Seven:

Reload your web browser and admire your excellent computer coding skills because you just successfully changed font color in WordPress!

Be sure to like and comment on this post if you found it useful- I’d like to know if anyone else ran into this problem.

New to blogging and what to see what I’ve learned so far? Here is a link to my articles about my “Learning to Blog” journey.

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