How to Show Her You Care

50 Ways to show her how much you care.

Whether you’ve been together 5 months or 5 decades a little extra act of kindness is always appreciated. I have created a list of over 50 ideas for you to show your significant other how much you care.

A general rule of thumb is that if it’s something you would enjoy your guy/girl would love it too,

1-A loving text halfway thru their day.

This always makes me smile, even after being together for years. If I check my phone and I have something as simple as “hey baby, I love you- can’t wait to touch your little butt later!” it makes me break out into a huge smile.

2-Fresh cut flowers.

Honestly a fresh bunch of hydrangeas is enough. You don’t have to go crazy, just a couple of flower bud she can put on her night side table will do the trick, you can spend $10 at the florist and they will still wrap it up beautifully for you. Or better yet if its spring or summertime freshly picked flowers are just as lovely! It’s about the gesture.

3-Getting their favorite sweet or candy when you grocery shop.

This just shows you that you were thinking about her when she wasn’t around, and that you know what she likes. A tasty little treat is always much appreciated.

4-Sending them a photo of a wonderful memory with a sweet message.

Every once and while my husband will send me a pic of us from a wedding or a vacation and say something so simple like “I love you” or “this was such a good night”. This makes me feel so loved and nostalgic, and I can’t wait to get home and see him!

5-An unsolicited back scratch.

Who doesn’t love back scratches? A back massage will also do the trick. Give her a solid 5-10 minutes and it will make her night.

6-Cleaning off their car when it snowed.

This is huge and such a gentleman’s move. Her car will be pre-heated and toasty and she doesn’t have to stand outside in the cold scraping her window. **Bonus points if there is a warm hot coco left in the cup holder**

7-Folding their laundry for them.

I’m not saying be their mom- but everyone loves a little help with their daily chores and finding a load of laundry folded is such a nice treat. We all know the hard part is putting the laundry away anyways.

8-Making their favorite dish for dinner.

You have to eat anyway- why not go the extra mile and make her favorite pasta dish? **Bonus points if you grabbed her favorite bottle of wine**

9-Surprising them with a little gift when you are actually shopping for yourself.

Something as simple as a new water bottle for the gym or a fresh candle will go a loooong way.

10-Spending time with her and her family.

It’s important to us that you love the people that we love. Take an hour out of your weekend and have coffee with her and her sister. **Bonus points if you treat**

11-Breakfast in bed.

Or even just coffee and a pastry. Sometimes I wake up to a fresh latte on my nightstand and I feel like such a pampered princess and I can guarantee she will too.

12-Make them soup when they are sick.

Take care of her when she is sick. Even if it’s just a little cold. She will instantly feel better and you will brighten her spirits. Ginger Ale, Cinnamon Toast, whatever her comfort food is. Everyone needs a little TLC and help when they aren’t feeling 100% and it will not go unnoticed.

13-Asking for their input when making plans.

Are you planning a guys night out? I’m not saying ask for permission, but just mention it to her so she is in the loop! She will appreciate knowing what you’re up to in advance and if you give her a heads up then she can make plans of her own and you wont have to feel guilty when you’re going out and she’s sitting home.

14-Asking how their day was.

Take interest in what is happening to her all day while you’re not there. She will notice you care! People spend a lot of time at work with their co-workers. Let her bitch a little about it.

15-Letting them pick the Netflix movie.

Let us pick once and while!

16-Slipping a love note in their lunchbox.

I love when he does this =) When I least suspect it, I will find a little handwritten note that brightens my whole day.

17-Snuggling them when they sleep.

The best way to wake up or fall asleep is in your loved ones arms.

18-Play with their hair.

I cannot tell you how much I love this. Whether it’s a full head massage or just playing with my ponytail.

19-Tell them how much they mean to you.

Via text, when you’re laying in bed on Saturday morning or even a handwritten note. Tell us, we love hearing this!

20-An unexpected slow kiss.

Nothing will make he knees buckle more than an unexpected, really good kiss.

21-A good tight squeeze.

Give her a bear hug and make her feel the love!

22-A sunset picnic with cheese and wine.

Choose a nice warm evening. Discreetly throw an old blanket, two glasses, wine and some snacks in your car. Don’t tell her where you’re going and surprise her. Scope out the spot before so it’s flawless. I love to go to a nearby beach or the top of a hill. Get creative and think of some cool spots in your neighborhood. Don’t forget the wine opener! Don’t drink? Sparking water is almost as good.

23-Surprise them with new snugly sweatpants.

You can never have enough, and you can buy them at target or amazon for $20.

24-Bake them banana bread.

Something about baked goods, they always taste better when someone else makes them for you.

25-Let them DJ the next car ride.

This will not only show her you care about her music, it will make the ride more fun!

26-Go grocery shopping together.

Grocery shopping sucks. However, if you go together it can honestly be a little date night. Just don’t go when you’re hungry and pick out a treat to enjoy together when you get to the car.

27-Print up a 4 x 6 of your favorite photo.

Download the CVS, Walgreen or whatever pharmacy is app. Upload your favorite photo and pick it up in an hour for $1. She will love having a physical copy to hold and look at. **Bonus points if you write a little love note on the back!**

28-Take a shower together and shampoo their hair.

It’s sensual but also really fun and kinda goofy. Also girls hate washing their hair, that’s why we’re all addicted to dry shampoo.

29-Give them a foot rub with lotion.

Foot rubs are so easy. It’s impossible to do it wrong. Just squeeze some lotion into your hands and rub their feet and toes until it’s rubbed in. This will usually guarantee you a foot rub as well.

39-Be more affectionate.

I’m talking more butt touches, random kisses, hand squeezes. Rest your hand on their leg when they drive. Just small little acts of affection.

31-Try to participate in their hobby on occasion.

My guy loves to play disc golf. And although I don’t love to play as much as him, I know he loves it when I tag along sometimes. It’s a way for you to experience something new and shows her that you car enough about her to try it.

32-Take walks together.

First of all taking a walk is totally free and it’s also very healthy for you. Whenever we take a walk we have some really cool conversations because you’re forced to put your stupid phones down and focus on your conversation.

33- Take a random weekend road trip just the two of you.

Explore a nearby city together and hit the road. Car rides can be a really good way to listen to music together or a new podcast. Obviously getting a hotel room is always fun and sensual. Plan something ASAP!

34- Make dinner reservations for a date night.

Women love it when you have an evening pre-planned and all we have to concentrate on is looking pretty for you. **Bonus points if you have champagne for us when we’re getting ready!**

35- Cook dinner together.

Find a new recipe and after you go grocery shopping together, try it out! Chopping up veggies with some random kisses and butt grabs makes chef-ing together quite enjoyable.

36- Play “your song” and slow dance in your living room.

Every couple has their slow song. The one you danced to at your wedding (or you would dance to if you’re not married yet). Throw it on Alexa and grab her and bust out a slow dance right in your living room. **Bonus points if it’s while you’re making dinner and you sing it to her**

37- Go see live music together.

Something about going to see live music together always seems to bring a little spark to us. Pick her favorite band or a cover band and go dance and sing all night.

38- Live in the moment.

Put your phone down and focus on her. Take notice of what she’s wearing or how her hair looks. Talk to her.

39- Make a pinterest board of your dream house.

This is super fun because it give you goals to work towards together and a way to visualize it. It doesn’t have to be your dream house either. Maybe just a dream vacation or dream puppy. Pinterest is just a cool way to visually share your thoughts.

40- Order pizza their favorite way next time without even asking.

Does she love white pizza? Taco? Maybe some other weird combo. Chances are you don’t order it on the reg so make tonight about her and get the damn sausage and pineapple.

41- Tuck them in if they go to bed first, and same if you leave for work before they wake up.

It’s ok if you don’t go to bed together every night, but walk her back to the bedroom and tuck her in. It’ll show you care enough to pause your video game. And if you leave for work before she wakes up kiss her goodbye and wrap the blankets around her. It makes her feel extra loved that day.

42- Pay for their Uber for their next girls/guy night out.

Just an inexpensive treat so they know you care about their safety so much that you will foot the bill. You could also offer to be the DD.

43- Ask them about their childhood.

I think it’s really sweet when someone does this. It shows you are trying to get to know them on a deeper level. “What is your earliest memory?” or “Who was your best friend in kindergarten?”

44-Tell them about yours.


45-Tell them they are beautiful.

I don’t think I need to explain this. But tell them they are beautiful especially with no makeup on. 99% of women could always use a confidence boost on their natural looks.

46-Do a yoga class together.

This shows you can do new things together and you care about mental health and fitness.

47- Take them out for ice cream.

The way to our heart is through our stomach.

48-Post a random unsolicited picture of them on your IG.

I guess this would be a new-aged love proclamation. But it is a very sweet gesture.

49-When she is having a tough day leave a card with a sweet message somewhere for her to find.

50-Pay for a round of drinks on girls night out.

When they’re out with their friends venmo them $$ and say “next round is on me ladies”- This not only shows how generous you are, but also show that you want her to have fun with her friends and you trust her.

Ok, that’s my list of 50 ways to show her you are. What other suggestions do you have? Do these tips help your girl feel a little more loved?

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Think you could make a better list? Start a blog and do it! Here is how to become a blogger.

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