Statement Sneakers

Today we are exploring the latest trend in footwear- Statement Sneakers.

What are Statement Sneakers you might be asking yourself?

Well, quite simply defined they are a casual shoe that make people take notice of your feet. They can have a fun and funky texture, be bright neon or a vibrant pastel. They could have wild animal print or be bedazzled as F!  One thing is for certain they will catch people’s eyes and rake in compliments.

I am all about fashionable comfort so this latest trend is something I am quite interested in. I work in a lab, so I have to wear close toed shoes for safety purposes and I am on my feet all day so heels are generally out. When I am show shopping I always struggle to find a cute shoe that is also comfortable. I think statement sneakers might just change my life- or at least make my footwear game a little more lively.

They are also a really clever way to dress up a casual look and take it to the next level.

I have curated a list of some super badass kicks that will be sure to make a statement this summer and categorized them by style. Check them out below and let me know what you think!

Also full transparency please note if you purchase any items I have linked up I receive a small commission at no cost to you!

Neon Sneakers

Susan 18 Neon Pink Sneakers

This kick ass sneaks come in all kinds of crazy colors including: neon pink, yellow, silver glitter, baby pink and platinum. They also come in more traditional colors like black and white for the more conservative gal. I love the easy slip on and off design that makes these super easy to put on while you’re running out the door. Super comfortable and athletic looking for pairing with leggings. The best part about these? They are CRAZY cheap $15-$20 depending on color and size. Try a few colors!

Susan 18 Neon Pink Sneakers

Steve Madden Neon Green Cliff Sneakers

Steve Madden Neon Green Cliff Sneakers

How fabulous are these runners? Way too cute for the gym for sure, these are comfortable and eye catching. I love the small platform heel on these sneakers to give you a little boost if you are vertically challenged like myself! They come in a variety of colors and designs including a coral pink and teal green and I picked to highlight the snakeskin for my animal print section as well.

Fun and Colorful Print Sneakers

Sperry Women’s Crest Vibe

These top-siders are my go-to summer show this year. I feel like they make me look like a classy lady stepping off of a yacht. Paired with white jeans and a bikini top- I should be wearing these on a yacht! Hopefully someone rich sees this and throws me an invite, but until then I’ll still be rocking my Sperry top-sider in blue.

Steve Madden Cliff Sneakers

These bad ass sneakers are among my favorite that I have found doing research for this post. I just love how fun and crazy the design is and could picture a dark wash pair of sexy jeans paired up with these stems. If you’re not crazy about snakeskin they also come in leopard print, camo, and some other really cool color combos.

Katy Perry The Sprinkle- Zebra

Honestly, there is just something about zebra print that I love. I think it’s the monotone contract of the black and white. These KP’s have a fun and cheeky feel with the sprinkle texture and zebra animal print.

Sofree Casual Loafers- Snakeskin

Sofree Snakesskin Loafers

Loafers are a girl’s best friend. The ability so slip these on and not have to worry about laces is amazing. These loafers are very lightweight which makes them great for walking around in all day or for being on your feet for extended periods. I like the silver and gray color combo of the snakeskin. The rubber soles makes these slip resistant so you’re not going to slide out while wearing these bad boys!

Pretty Pastels

New Balance NERGIZE

Perfect for that “athleisure style” that we are all loving right now. These New Balance sneakers feature that amazing new slip on trend that makes them so very cozy on your feet. They come in an array of beautiful colors including blush pink, seafoam green and violet. I don’t know what color I like the most!

Adidas EQT Support Sneakers

Obsessed. These sneakers are almost too pretty to wear. They are mesh, durable and comfy as hell. The mint green and strawberry pink color choices make the decision so very hard. Pastels have always attracted my eye and this vintage style makes it super hard to scroll past.

Rich Textures

Brinley Co. Faux Leather Sneaker

High top sneakers are a timeless look that screams sexy tomboy! The laser-cut style makes these really great for your spring and summer wardrobe this year and they come in some really fun and playful colors like mint, gray and mauve as well as your classic white and black.

Katy Perrry The Sprinkle

Talk about texture! These shoes are made to look like millions of little sprinkles are stuck to the outside of the shoe gives a really fun and cool bumpy texture. I love the colors they come in and the casual but distinct look. My personal favorite is the red, black and white sprinkle.

Lady Couture Laser Cut Rhinestone Bling High-Top

Glamour alrt! This stylin laser-cut high tops are dressed up with rhinstones and are a total statement piece for any outfit you wanna rock them with. The black pair are classic but if you really want to dazzle I say go for the gold!

Keds Studio Flash Mesh Sneakers

If you are looking for a balance of sporty and chic look no further than these Keds. They come in super classy rose gold, gold and lavender and the slimming design make your feet look like a ballerina. Perfect for a lady on the go!

Yougdemo Wedge Zipper Sneakers

Is there anything more versatile than wedge sneakers? Casual Friday? Wedge sneakers. Need to look sexy but casual? Wedge sneakers. Mimosas on Sunday? Wedge Sneakers. Break up with your boyfriend? Buy some wedge sneakers and move on! The breathable fabric makes these babies comfy and durable, and they come in so many fun colors!

SO…these are a few pair of statement sneakers that I thought were pretty lovely. What do you think? Do you like the trend of fancy casual shoes?

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