Best Resort in Koh Samui

The Best Resort in Koh Samui


My husband and I decided to go to Thailand for our honeymoon. We have both always wanted to travel to Asia and felt that Thailand would be really cool country to explore. Whenever we travel internationally we like to get the most bang for our buck and usually like to move around a lot. We had the same desire for our honeymoon as we wanted to get a feel for a few different cities and sub-cultures of Thailand.

If you decide to buy any products or services through my site please know that I do receive a small commission!We choose to go to Koh Samui, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We decided against Phuket for our island stay as we heard some reviews that it is too busy and overrun with tourists. We settled on Koh Samui as it still had a lot of activities but seemed a little less traveled than Phuket.

To learn more about our Chiang Mai portion of the honeymoon check out my article about “What to do in Chiang Mai”. I didn’t really enjoy Bangkok and honestly wouldn’t go back so I will not be writing about it. I discovered Bangkok was just too big and too busy for me to enjoy!  

As Koh Samui was to be the beach portion of our trip I wanted to find the perfect place to sunbathe and relax. I got to work researching the hotels and resorts on the island and after a few days of sifting through reviews and comparing prices and amenities- I picked the perfect place for us! I ended up booking 4 nights at the Outrigger Beach Resort on Koh Samui and I am so happy I did!

What we loved about our stay on Koh Samui

It was so calm and peaceful; great for couples who want privacy and relaxation. Basically designed for a couple on honeymoon or romantic getaway.

If you close your eyes and try imagine your perfect beachfront honeymoon in Thailand what are you picturing? If you are anything like me you want beautiful beach access just steps from your private villa, a personal infinity pool, not a lot of people and of course the best pina colada of your life.


Open your eyes: you just described Outrigger Koh Samui Beach Resort.

This was one the of the nicest resorts I’ve ever stayed. The location was perfect with beautiful views, the customer service was impeccable, the rooms were gorgeous and the food and drink was heavenly.

Outrigger Resort Greeting

Immediately upon arriving at Outrigger Beach Resort we were greeted a very warm and inviting welcome that consisted of a mango sorbet, a cup of iced tea and a damp towel to cool down with. This was all brought on a little tray with an orchid blossom garnish. The hostess at the front desk reviewed our reservations with us and insisted we sit on the couch and lounge furniture and get off our feet while she was preparing our receipt and telling us about all of the resort’s amenities. They give you this super cute wooden frog that they use as a “do not disturb” indicator and you get to keep him as a little souvenir- super cute idea!

The Rooms

Since this was our honeymoon we decided to treat ourselves by getting the best room the resort had. We stayed in a Beachfront Suite with Plunge Pool which was a private villa 5 feet from the Gulf of Thailand. The price of this room was about $330 (USD) per night and it was a bargain (it also included an elaborate breakfast every morning). For a room like this on one of the coastal beaches in the US you would easily be paying double if not triple the price. The room was gigantic and included a king size bed that was so comfortable and fluffy it made sleeping with jet-lag possible! And of course as it was our honeymoon we were greeted with rose petals shaped into a heart on the bed upon arrival.


The room had very high ceilings with a large bathroom that was designed to make you feel like you were showering in the tropical forest outside. There were palm trees everywhere and the ceiling was a giant skylight window so while you were taking a shower so you could see the sunlight and trees above you. It made you feel extra secluded and gave a fun romantic vibe.


We had a private yard area that had two sun chairs for lounging and watching the tide come in and out and our own private pool to go in any time we wanted. It was perfect for some honeymoon alone time.

The Grounds of the Resort

The resort grounds themselves were immaculate. The gardens were beautiful with orchids and colorful flowers everywhere and palm trees lining all the walk ways. There was constantly an employee cleaning and sweeping and even if they didn’t speak our language they gave you a genuine smile and nod every time you saw them.


Just outside of the resort was a motorbike rental place where you could rent an electric scooter for 24 hours for 100 baht (or $3 USD) We rented a scooter for two of our days and used the resort’s shuttle the other two days to get around the island. 

Pool and Bar

There were two pools that were crystal clear and one of the pools had a cabana swim-up bar in it that served any drink concoction that you could want. There was a frozen drink and tropical cocktail menu and I honestly think we tried all of them. But the best was hands down their pina colada. **Also side note they were eco-friendly as they didn’t use plastic straws** There was a happy hour every day and the drinks were 2 for 1 which was something we took advantage of!

Restaurant and Available Food

Every morning you were served a beautiful breakfast that was included with your room rate. You got to choose an entrée of their breakfast menu which was extensive (pancakes, eggs benedict, omelet, fried eggs and bacon ) and in addition help yourself to fruits, yogurts, pastries, fresh juices and cereals. The coffee was served espresso style with foamed milk on the side so it was like having a latte morning.


We ate dinner at the resort restaurant every night and I felt like the dishes were very reasonably priced and very tasty. After exploring the island all day and trying Thai dishes in Fisherman’s Village we kept sticking with pizza and a Caesar salad for dinner! But don’t judge us, it was wood fire pizza so it was amazing. They had probably 20 different pizzas with various toppings and we couldn’t’ get enough.

I would absolutely recommend anyone looking for a romantic resort for their honeymoon to stay at the Outrigger. I couldn’t imagine our honeymoon without it and we created memories there that we will have for the rest of our lives.

 If you do choose to book a stay here click through this link and you will receive the best rate possible!

If you have any questions or comments let me know!

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