What is a Lifestyle Blog?

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is a website that an individual author or brand creates to share their life experiences. Generally it is a conglomerate of topics that is interesting to the author and reflects their real life experiences. A lifestyle blog can cover a wide variety of information versus a specialized blog that might cover very specific niche topics.

Why Did You Start A Lifestyle Blog?

I wanted to start this page to satisfy my need for some creativity in my life. I love my job where I am a clinical scientist, however the opportunity to be be artistic or creative  doesn’t exist. All of our procedures and tasks are clearly defined rules so I was starting to feel a creative void in my life. I thought this would be a fun and interesting way to express myself while learning how to use WordPress and pick up some basic CSS coding.

Who is Your “Avatar” or Ideal Audience?

Well I would have to say the obvious answer is I am my perfect audience! But that would mean a woman who is just beginning to settle down in life. She could be single or married, but she is past the party and crazy phase (for the most part) and is trying to focus her life on healthier more rewarding hobbies and activities like traveling, building a home, improving her cooking and just focusing on being a little more mindful overall.

What Are Some Things You Enjoying Most About Your Lifestyle Blog?

Something I really am enjoying is going through old memories and experiences and reliving the excitement and events that happened. My post about my honeymoon in Thailand is a good example of this because I was going through our pictures and remembering all the amazing food we tried and all of the stunning beauty we experienced in that country. Reliving my past experiences brings me joy J

Also I am really enjoying creating the actual website. I never thought I would be able to create a digital space like this because I never received any formal education on web design or development. I was so surprised to discover how easy WordPress is to learn and how helpful their customer support is. It’s been a really fun process so far and I look forward to continuing to learn!

The freedom of being able to write about whatever I want is also really cool. I read that blogging about one specific toping would get you more followers but that seemed like so much pressure to me! What if you pick a topic and after a month or two you run out of ideas? Starting a more generalized blog seemed like a better fit for me!

What Has Been the Most Difficult Part of Starting a Blog?

Just starting out and realizing that it will take awhile to drive traffic to my site! I am a little shy to tell me friends and family until I have a decent amount of content that I am proud of posted. My husband has been really supportive though so he helps to encourage me and always listens to my ideas.

Also trying to not get overwhelmed all at once. To start a successful blog you need to understand SEO and be able to plan keywords. You also need to drive traffic from social networks and grow and build your presence on those platforms. Don’t foget to make everything look pretty and actually function! So I am trying to focu on creating contect and driving traffic from pinterest and hoping to grow organically. I know I will make some mistakes along on the way but that is just part of the learning process!

What Topics Do You Plan to Cover on Your Site?

So far the topics I have choosen to write about are travel, home and beauty. Mostly because these are the areas of my world that I feel I can offer some insight and could write some articles about. I may add more topics as time goes on, it just depends on where this journey takes me!

How Often Will You Post?

My goal is to post at least 3-4 articles a week to my blog. I will try to post more at first to get some content up, but I also want to make sure I am posting quality articles and not just posting for the sake of posting.

What Resources are Best for a Beginner Blogger?

I have found some really quality resources so far. Check out my article here for more specifics, I will try to keep updating as I learn more!

Are you new to the blogging world? What kind of blog did you start or do you want to start?

7 thoughts on “What is a Lifestyle Blog?

  1. I tried setting up a blog with a specific niche of topic like a beauty blog or just about travel alone, but I always ended up with having a lifestyle blog because it’s easy for me to sustain it. I mean, I could literally post anything under the sun. This is really a great post! 🙂

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    1. I agree!! The content options are literally endless and you don’t feel like you fall into a rut with topics. I love the general lifestyle blogs out there! Plus I’m not an expert in anything, so a niche would never work 😂


      1. I can totally relate about not being expert in anything. LOL! That’s why a lifestyle blog really works for me because well, I am sooo general. Hahaha by the way, I followed you! Been reading your prev blogs and I really enjoyed it. I’m interested to read more of it. Keep in touch, Katherine. 🙂


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