Resources For This Blog

Since starting my lifestyle blog I have learned about a few cool new websites and apps that have helped me to create a blog I can be proud of! I have the names and quick review below.

Interested to learn more about why I started this blog? Check out my article on Lifestyle Blogging.

Please note if you buy any products I have linked to my page I receive a small commission from the company!

1- WordPress

I love you WordPress! Let me start by saying I know absolutely nothing about web design or development and I know ZERO coding language. I think having said that my blog is looking very pretty only a few weeks into creation. The pre-made templates make it so easy to have a clean and well laid out web page and its so simple to navigate.

WordPress probably has a self-help article posted in their support section telling you how to solve just about any problem you may face. If you still can’t figure out a specific element you need help with, you can chat instantly online with a support specialist. I have used their customer support several times and every time we got my issue resolved and I have learned a little more about web page development.

WordPress: I LOVE YOU!

2- Bluehost

I bought my web hosting from Bluehost and it was extremely inexpensive, quick and easy! For only $3.95 a month you honestly can’t beat it! I needed help routing my DNS to WordPress and had to contact customer support and the person who helped me was awesome. My DNS issue was resolved very quickly and I couldn’t have been happier!

3- Canva

Canva is an awesome website that you can create blog post graphics, social media pictures and so just about any kind of design image you might need. It’s totally free and really cool because you can also create and edit your designs on your mobile phone as well as your desktop. The interface is basically perfect and I love how easy it is to start!

4- Pinterest

I think just about everyone has Pinterest these days, but I love to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog page by posting new content I create to my boards! I love to create really cool visual designs to add to this unique visual search engine.

5- Creative Fabrica

I love Creative Fabrica. It’s a website where freelance designers can upload custom fonts, graphics and photos. They have curated an amazing database of digital products for anyone to use. I love how Creative Fabrica offers a ton of free products (you could easily never have to buy a single thing) and very reasonably priced high quality graphics and font bundles to purchase if you would like. They have excellent customer service- I once accidentally purchased a graphic bundle that I didn’t need and they refunded my money. Plus I feel like they pair their contributing designers well, Definitely worth checking out to enhance your graphics and visuals!

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