Floating Hexagon Wall Shelves

Floating Hexagon Wall Shelves are a fun and interesting way to add a unique feel to any room. The use of hexagons in home decor is one of my favorite new trends.

The shape is seen in many elements of design including flooring, backslash and accent pieces. The clean lines and natural symmetry of a hexagon make it easy to incorporate into modern, contemporary, minimalist and even Scandinavian style decor. Adding hexagon accent pieces are a fun and simple way to add an additional element of style to any room of your home. One particular area that I love to see hexagons used is in floating wall shelves. Floating wall shelves in general are something I love to incorporate as they bring a clean and airy feel to any room, and the addition of the hexagon shape makes them my current new obsession.

Below are five of our favorite hexagon shelving units.

Sorbus Floating Hexagon Shelves

Sorbus Floating Hexagon Shelves

We found these floating shelves on Amazon for $22 for a set of three. Adds a bold style element to any room. Hang together in a staggered design or separately display in different rooms. The shelves are currently available in white with a light wood backing. All mounting hardware is included and are quite easy to install.

Kufox Hexagon Industrial Shelves

Kufox Industrial Style Hexagon Shelf

This shelf runs around $30 and has a super cool rustic, industrial look to it. Perfect for storage or display in your home office, living room or kitchen area. Shelf is metal and wood which adds a cool element of texture.

Hexagon Copper Wire Wall Shelf

Hexagon Copper Tone Wall Wire Shelf

The shelving in this set of three has a copper finish on it which makes it a perfect accent piece for displaying succulents. Easy to install and runs around $35. Would be cool to have a floating shelf next to your bed instead of a night stand.

Rustic Wall Mounted Floating Hex Shelves

Rustic Wall Mounted Floating Hexagonal Shelves

First of all, what we love about these are the different color options. Personally, I love the rustic wood brown wood for displaying succulents, however these honeycomb hexagon shaped shelves also come in a super cool blue (which would be a great piece to add to an accent wall) and the classic white would give a clean look for powder room shelving. The set of three will run you $30 and the mounting hardware is included

Rivet Modern Hexagonal Shelf Unit

Rivet Modern Hexagonal Shelf Unit

Ok these are the shelves we have all been looking for. The gold design makes any room have an elegant feel and the actual shelf itself is made of glass. Perfect piece for your favorite modern styled room and for $55 on amazon it’s a total bargain!

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