5 Grey Couches Under $350

Five Grey Couches for Under $350

gray couch for under $350

This article has my top five favorite gray couches that are under $350. I think this article is important because not everyone has a huge budget for decorating but that doesn’t mean you should be forced to buy used or ugly furniture. I think you will find all of the couches in the article below are reasonably priced and very stylish.

I choose gray couches for this article because gray is a very popular color pallet right now and you can find a lot of really unique and inexpensive accent pieces to design a beautiful room if your main focal point is gray.

1- Divano Roma Furniture Modern Soft Brush Microfiber Sectional Sofa- Grey

cheap gray couch

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Soft Brush Microfiber Sectional Sofa- Grey

Price: $279

Dimensions: 75″x 54″x 34″

Shipping Weight: 180lbs

Warranty?: No

Style: Modern, Contemporary, Simplistic

Great for: small spaces, decorating on a budget, second floor apartments, firm couch lovers

Not great for: people who want a marshmellow couch

Cool feature: Ottoman is included and can be placed on either side of the couch or anywhere else in the room!

For under $300 (currently $279) on Amazon this couch is an awesome buy. We love the soft microfiber upholstery and the detached ottoman that you can move to either side of the couch to suite your specific seating needs. It is little on the smaller side (75” x 52”x 24”) but love this as it makes it perfect for smaller living spaces and rooms that involve going up flights of stairs! Previous customers have boasted that it does in fact hold up over time and feel confident recommending. The best feature about the couch is that the more use it gets the softer the fabric seems to feel!

2- Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Sofa

cheap gray couch
Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Sofa

Price: $256

Dimensions: 78.4″x 30.7″x 31.5″

Shipping Weight: 93 pounds

Warranty?: Yes- one year warranty

Style: Modern, Contemporary, Simplistic

Great for: Children- friendly/ pet- friendly (fabric is easy to clean, doesn’t stain easily and is durable)

Not great for: if you like to remove the seat cushions to clean this is not possible

Cool feature: very lightweight which makes it easy to move

LOVE this super modern design with two couch cushions. Nice clean lines in the design and smaller arms makes it great for fitting into smaller spaces. This piece is extremely light weight which makes it great for apartment living or if you like to re-arrange your living space frequently. Available on Amazon for $256.

3- Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

cheap gray couch
Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

Price: $280

Dimensions: 81.5″x 34.5″x 31.5″ (Unfolded for sleeper: 70.5″x 43.5″x 16″)

Shipping Weight: 97.5 pounds

Warranty?: Yes- one year warranty

Style: Modern, Contemporary, Luxury, Glamorous , Mid- Century Modern

Great for: Extra sleeping space, soft fabric upholstery

Not great for: attracts pet hair

Cool feature: Bonus that it’s a beautifully designed couch that can also unfold into a futon

We love the look of the Novogratz Brittany Sofa. The curved silhoutte makes the couch look like a much more expensive piece and is a total bargain at $280.

4- Lifestyle Solutions Harrington Sofa in Dark Grey

cheap gray couch
Lifetsyle Solutions Harrington Sofa in Dark Grey

Price: $317

Dimensions: 80.3″x 32″x 32.6″

Shipping Weight: 99 pounds

Warranty?: No

Style: Traditional, Contemporary

Great for: Memory Foam lover, the cusions contour to you as you lay on them. The couch comes aprt into two pieces so it’s easy to assemle and disassemble for moving purposes

Not great for: could be a challenge to put together alone as the back of the couch clips into the bottom

Cool feature: Dark Grey fabric is harder to find

This lifestyle solutions couch is a full size- couch for half the price of other pieces out on the market. People love how comfortable it is and for only $317 it’s well worth the price.

5- Elle Decor Bella Sofa with Nailheads

cheap gray couch

Price: $318

Dimensions: 75″x 35″x 36″

Shipping Weight: 126.9 pounds

Warranty?: One year

Style: Chic, Eclectic, Classic, Elegant, Contemporary

Great for: Statement piece on a budget or for a smaller room

Not great for: smaller couch, it’s bigger than a loveseat but not a full size couch

Cool feature: the nailheads add a fun design element; the couch comes with two throw pillows

The Bella Sofa by Elle Decor is beautiful. The slim arms paired with the nailhead accent gives the couch an elegant feel. We also love the price of $318!

What do you think? Have you ever bought one of these gray couches and loved/ hated it? Do you think these pieces would fit your style and budget?

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